Worship Min Intensive

Hello A.C.T.S Friends!

It was a joy to share with you during our  Worship Ministry Intensive weekend! Wow, you guys are awesome! Let’s pray for the Lord to take the seeds He has sown and they would bear much good fruit. I’m excited about what the Holy Spirit is doing through the Akron Community for the Transformation of Society !

Thanks for stopping by my website.  I’m thrilled to share these bonus resources with ya! Also, I encourage you to browse through the “Theology”, “Practical Advice” and “Devotional” categories on this website. You’ll find a wealth of helpful information.

As promised, below are links to free bonus material.



1) Names & Attributes of God Supplement [click link to download .pdf]

2) Worship Leader As Shepherd    [click link to download .pdf]

 The Worship Leader As Shepherd  [read on-line blog article]

3) A.C.T.S. Worship Intensive November 2014 (Notes & Outlines)  [available for a limited time only, click link to download .pdf]


1) How Do You Know if You’re Called To Lead Worship?  [read on-line blog article]

 2) JOYFUL! Christmas Praise & Worship,  Free Song and Chart “Angels From The Realm of Glory” (Coming Soon)