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The Measure of A Man

Song Story and Tribute to My Father-in-Law, Elwood Johnson In this article, I want to talk about three things. First the inspiration behind a song I just wrote called ”The Measure of a Man”. Second, the legacy of my wonderful father-in-law Elwood Johnson. And third, what is “the measure of a man”?  What does it [...]

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A Song of Hope Inspired by Ecclesiastes & John Maxwell’s “Failing Forward”

As I write this it’s Labor Day Weekend, and on the Daily Audio Bible podcast, we started the book of Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes is a fantastic passage of scripture to read at this time of year. As the seasons change and we approach the final quarter of the year, it is a good exercise to reflect [...]

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When God Makes No Sense

Once upon a time, wrestling with God about the pain and confusion going on in my world and those around me, I wrote this song called  “No Easy Answers”. Recently there’s been a renewed interest in the song and I’ve been in a lot conversations with folks about these thoughts. I’d like to share some reflections. [...]

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The Hymns Birthed from Seasons of Controversy and Conflict

So as I write this, Ray Hughes is teaching a series called "Journey of Worship" at Grace Center in Franklin, TN. I happened to catch session #7 (there will be 12 total). It was totally, prophetically, inspiringly awesome. If you can attend live, do it. If not, watch the video series here. I've known Ray [...]

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Draw Me Nearer: Songwriting As An Overflow of Intimacy

Note: I’m delighted to be a guest contributor to the website. This article contains my recent guest post “Draw Me Nearer” along with bonus links to the recording of my song and lyrics.  Guest Post In this article I want to talk about two things. First, some biblical principles for developing [...]

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Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

 I’m delighted to share this Advent song from my  album JOYFUL Read more about the 11 songs and arrangements on the project here. […]