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The Measure of A Man

Song Story and Tribute to My Father-in-Law, Elwood Johnson In this article, I want to talk about three things. First the inspiration behind a song I just wrote called ”The Measure of a Man”. Second, the legacy of my wonderful father-in-law Elwood Johnson. And third, what is “the measure of a man”?  What does it [...]

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Reflections From My Greece/Ukraine Ministry Mission

I am constantly in a state of total dependence on God. This is my story, and this is my song. (Thank you, Fannie Crosby!) I am counting on the Lord to lead and provide for the things I believe He has called me to do. I have doubts and fears that seem massive and overwhelming [...]

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Nashville Alive TV Appearance

I recently was able to share my story and songs on the Nashville Alive TV show. We talk about my background in the jingle biz, how I got into worship, A New Anointing and No Easy Answers. It was a lot of fun! Check it out, I’m the second guest at 12:53 into the show, [...]

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Announcement: Leaving Staff at HFUMC

This past week we shared with the HFUMC  family I’ll be leaving staff. It’s been a wonderful experience. My last Sunday will be February 12, 2017. Here’s the letter we shared.  […]

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My Three Theme Words for 2017

A few years back I started doing an exercise by Chris Brogan called “my three words”. The idea is to choose three words that will serve as a guiding theme for the coming year. You can read more about it in his blog post here. […]

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A New Season Begins

Today as I write this update, it’s the first Monday after Easter Sunday. It will be 50 days until Pentecost. Drawing closer to the Lord during this season is the focus of my devotional book, Resurrection Power. It also marks 20 days since we packed up and relocated from south Nashville to the north gate of  Hendersonville, [...]

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Dear Friends, this post is mostly personal. Since going on staff at HFUMC in Hendersonville, we've been in the process of praying about, preparing for and finally making the decision to pull up roots in south Nashville and relocate north to Hendersonville. It was typically a one hour hour commute one-way to the church (on [...]

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32 Years of Making Beautiful Music … Together

Back in the day … On October 2, Ivalene and I celebrated our 32 wedding anniversary. Yee-haw! 32 Years of making beautiful music … together. We met in the Music Department of Salisbury State College, now Salisbury University. (Go Seagulls!)  She was the perfect girlfriend – beautiful, musical and she could play my [...]

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Time to Re-Think and Re-Focus

Today is January 1st, 2014 and this is my first essay for the My500Words challenge with Jeff Goins.   I’ll be writing everyday for the month of January 2014. The goal is write at least 500 words everyday. I’m not sure if I’m going to publish on the blog anything of what I write in this [...]

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2012 in Review / Say Goodbye To Yesterday

Found a great series on doing an annual review and goal setting for the next year from Chris Guillbeau / The Art of Non-Conformity. He starts with two simple questions for refection: 1. What went well? 2. What did not go well? With that catalyst, here’s my 2012 Review. Hope it is helpful to you. [...]

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