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How Teachable Are You Willing To Be?

Ok, only 28 more days till my missions trip to Eastern Europe. If you watch the video you can also see my coffee mug from Romania. Today's Daily Worship Devotional video is from Deuteronomy 8:2-7. 2 Remember how the Lord your God led you all the way in the wilderness these forty years, to humble [...]

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Remember, Don’t Forget [Devotional]

For today’s Daily Worship Devotional Instagram I posted a little video also on Facebook, you should be able to see it in this post. […]

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A Preview of My Missions Trip To Eastern Europe – Spring 2019

Hey Friends, I’m excited to let you know that my next missions trip to Eastern Europe is happening late April through mid-May, 2019. This will be comprised of four different projects in three nations – the Czech Republic, Austria, and Ukraine. Here’s an overview of the mission. […]

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My Favorite Three Resources For Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health

These three resources have helped me stay focused on the Lord and his purposes, lose weight, and feel happier, healthier and stronger in a very difficult season of life. See if what they have to offer is helpful to you.

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The Measure of A Man

Song Story and Tribute to My Father-in-Law, Elwood Johnson In this article, I want to talk about three things. First the inspiration behind a song I just wrote called ”The Measure of a Man”. Second, the legacy of my wonderful father-in-law Elwood Johnson. And third, what is “the measure of a man”?  What does it [...]

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The Days After Christmas: Ponder

This is a devotional for the days after Christmas Day … or thereabouts. In America and much of modern western culture, the Christmas season has degenerated into a predominately secular affair with start and stop dates defined by a marketing calendar. According to this cultural norm, after the big day, the Christmas season is officially [...]

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Advent: Peace and Chicken Little

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!   – Chicken Little As I’m writing this, December 2018 in America, it seems the world may be falling. The federal government is shut down, there is a revolving door of turnover in the Executive office,  the stock market has been plummeting for weeks, France is enflamed in [...]

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