Live Worship Leading

“Rob is, without a doubt, the most singularly gifted, insightful and inspirational worship leader and song writer I have ever known. Not only are his songs among my favorites for worshipping God, but his style of leading worship has transformed my spiritual life." - Stephen Mansfield - Author, Speaker

I love the presence of God. I love leading people in worship. One unique thing about me is I'm experienced in leading worship music in just about every imaginable context  - Sunday church services of every type (contemporary, traditional, liturgical, charismatic), conferences, retreats, coffee houses, street evangelism, funerals, house of prayer, home church - you name it.  I've also led quite a bit internationally and in multiple languages.

I believe that leading worship is an art form that requires spiritual sensitivity, musical artistry, theological reflection, and skillful leadership of people. But it is impossible without the anointing of God. It is the presence of God and the work of the Holy Spirit that moves the hearts of people.

My stylistic approach is quite adaptable to serve the group I am with. So,  if you're interested in booking me, let's talk!

Check out my "Events" calendar. Listen to the recordings. Watch the videos. Then click the link if you'd like to talk about having me serve in your context. Bless ya!

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"An awesome worship pastor/leader! We have seen so many incredible moments of worship thanks to your humble, gentle spirit and your heart to touch God."


Powerful Music Ministry.

“Rob truly leads a lifestyle of being a worshiper of God. He is a gifted teacher and has ministered powerfully through music. He brings a unique set of gifts to the field and has the remarkable ability to mentor others as well. In addition to his professional skills he brings wonderful character and godly integrity.”
The Pastoral Leadership Team of Belmont Church

Freedom in the Spirit. Deep Devotion.

"Your sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit made it easy to feel a security during worship because I could trust your leading.” - Monteia
“What I love most about you is your joy, your vitality, and your zeal for the Lord. I also love your carefree, footloose and fancy free spirit” - Deb
New Life Church, Columbia

Creative and Innovative

"Rob is one of the most creative and innovative songwriters/musicians I know. He has proven himself to be one of our most effective worship leaders and his ability to craft songs is unsurpassed." Steve Fry, Pastor; President Messenger Fellowship