Song: “The Shema”, A Simple Call To Worship

This is a simple "call and response" congregational song for the beginning of a worship service, "The Shema." The song puts to music the scripture passage known as the "greatest commandment" of Jesus, Mark 12:29-30, where he quotes the ancient Hebrew call to worship of Deuteronomy 6:4. Hear oh  Is-ra-el, The [...]

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Missions Trip Report: Brazil February 2020

I had the great honor of being part of the ministry team with Rick Bonfim Ministries in Brazil February 7-18, 2020. It was an amazing experience. READ ALL ABOUT IT. There is an extensive report with lots of photos on my missions website Rob Still, here is the link Thank you to everyone who [...]

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Brazil Missions Trip Winter ’20 Preview

Hi Friends, I'm excited to be ministering in Brazil February 7-18, 2020 with Rick Bonfim Ministries. I'll be leading worship and serving with a team of about 20 intercessors and evangelists. Here's how they describe the mission. "Rick Bonfim Ministries specializes in prayer. All those that attend our trips learn discernment, and the roots [...]

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Praying With Accuracy Audiobook

“Praying With Accuracy: Ministering to the Needs of Others Through Prayer” is the product of a lifetime of study and ministry experience by evangelist Rick Bonfim. This book studies the ministry of Jesus to direct your prayers for someone’s wholeness. Learn to break through in prayer as you learn to implement the authority given to [...]

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December 9 Update

This will be the first blog post written to the new website design and a bit of a test. Here's what happening now. We have re-designed as my digital home base with an emphasis  teaching and devotionals. Launched a new site just for music/artist stuff at My missions news (trip details, prayer needs, [...]

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