Praying With Accuracy Audiobook

“Praying With Accuracy: Ministering to the Needs of Others Through Prayer” is the product of a lifetime of study and ministry experience by evangelist Rick Bonfim. This book studies the ministry of Jesus to direct your prayers for someone’s wholeness. Learn to break through in prayer as you learn to implement the authority given to [...]

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How To Craft High Impact Congregational Prayer

“Mix your praise with prayer and your worship with intercession” (Kent Henry) I’ve been in hundreds of worship services and prayer meetings. Humble, lovable worship dude has put in his 10,000 hours. Yet, sometimes I struggle when leading congregational prayer. Some of us are not skilled in the art of prayer. If the prayer is [...]

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A Prayer for Times of Disaster

I wrote this prayer to find words of intercession when the earthquakes were striking Japan in 2011. It was my second blog post and has ranked as one of my highest page views.  It’s been on my mind since the Costa Concordia disaster. What follows is an edited version that can be applied in different [...]

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