“Praying With Accuracy: Ministering to the Needs of Others Through Prayer” is the product of a lifetime of study and ministry experience by evangelist Rick Bonfim.

This book studies the ministry of Jesus to direct your prayers for someone’s wholeness. Learn to break through in prayer as you learn to implement the authority given to you as a believer, and identify the root or core problem of any individual for whom you pray.

I am excited and honored to be the narrator and producer of the audiobook version. It’s available everywhere audiobooks are sold, but you can get it free as our gift to you with a donation of any amount.

A Fresh Practical Guide To Pray Powerfully.

“Praying With Accuracy”  teaches how to discern people’s deepest needs through well grounded Biblical principles. People have either a spiritual need with God, or a relational need with people.

There are four underlying roots of human need:

1. Rejection of self,

2. Rejection of God,

3. Unforgiveness, and

4. Bitterness.

If you are thinking this way as you approach a person, with discernment of spirits operating, “the Holy Spirit will lead you toward one of these four roots.” (Kindle location 647).

Within the framework of these four roots, Pastor Bonfim logically teaches from the ministry of Jesus how and where to direct your prayers for someone’s wholeness.This dynamic instruction manual is full of real life results and testimonies of God answering prayer. It is an essential addition to the prayer warriors arsenal.

Learn to Pray and See Results

I’d love to share this powerful audio book with you! Listen to a preview here: https://robstillmusic.com/praying-with-accuracy-audio-book .

“Praying With Accuracy: Ministering To The Needs of Others Through Prayer” is our gift to you with your donation of any amount.

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My next missions trip is to Brazil with Pastor Rick Bonfim in February 2020.

Then in April/May, by the grace of God, I’ll be ministering in Africa with SIM, and after that in Ukraine at UETS.

I’d love to share this powerful book with you!  “Praying With Accuracy” is our gift to you with your donation of any amount.