My Favorite Three Resources For Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health

These three resources have helped me stay focused on the Lord and his purposes, lose weight, and feel happier, healthier and stronger in a very difficult season of life. See if what they have to offer is helpful to you.

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A Recap of the Holy Week Experience

[Video Above] Saturday Holy Week Devotional For this year’s Holy Week, I experimented with sharing a daily morning video devotional on Facebook Live. This was my first time doing such a thing and it was both a little nerve wracking and fun. Ultimately I was really blessed to see so many people show up, more [...]

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How to Make Holy Week More Meaningful

During Holy Week I’m sharing a short video devotional every morning at 6:59am CST on Facebook Live, April 10-15. Join us in real time or watch the replay on my Facebook profile.  #HolyWeekExperience Years ago I discovered the riches available when we practice “worship as a lifestyle”  by allowing the Christian calendar to shape our spirituality. [...]

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When God Makes No Sense

Once upon a time, wrestling with God about the pain and confusion going on in my world and those around me, I wrote this song called  “No Easy Answers”. Recently there’s been a renewed interest in the song and I’ve been in a lot conversations with folks about these thoughts. I’d like to share some reflections. [...]

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Tozer on Worship and Entertainment #1

Note: Hey friends, I’ve been busy this summer preparing an online course on worship and discipleship. Over the years I’ve been influenced and inspired by the work of A. W. Tozer, as have many in the worship space. The following are several quotes I pulled from chapter 1 of the book entitled “Tozer on Worship [...]

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Do You Know Why To Give Thanks?

[guestpost]Happy Thanksgiving to You! This is a re-post I wrote a while back, but it’s still appropriate for today. [/guestpost]  The command to be thankful, to “give thanks” permeates scripture, appearing over 40 times.  It is a foundational heart attitude that God requires. Why is that? […]

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Remembering Good Friday

Dear Friends, As I write this, it is Good Friday, a most Holy day for Christians. Millions of Jesus followers will carve out some time and space to remember the significance of His life, death and resurrection. Throughout scripture God instructs His people to “remember.” Remembering is active. It is intentional. Remembering connects us with [...]

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Three Life Lessons From Being Sick, Even if Just A Little While

Dear Friends Over 2 weeks ago I got pretty sick with the flu. I’ve been in generally excellent health and don’t recall having even much of a cold in the last 7 years. This time though, it really laid me out. I basically stayed in bed the first week. The second week I was over [...]

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My New (and 1st!) Book, Resurrection Power, Launches April 14!

Editing the manuscript for "Resurrection Power" Dear Friend, About 11 months ago I embarked on a writing journey exploring the Christian storyline from Easter to Pentecost. I shared on my blog what I was learning and hearing from the Holy Spirit, along with my daily photo of the morning sunrise. Many readers asked [...]

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Where Do We Go From Here? Easter to Pentecost Epilogue

And all the believers lived in a wonderful harmony…Acts 2:44 [Sunrise May 22 2013] Epilogue:  Where Do We Go From Here? […]