[Video Above] Saturday Holy Week Devotional

For this year’s Holy Week, I experimented with sharing a daily morning video devotional on Facebook Live. This was my first time doing such a thing and it was both a little nerve wracking and fun. Ultimately I was really blessed to see so many people show up, more than once! 🙂

The video above is the final installment: Saturday Holy Week Devotional: The Waiting is The Hardest Part.

I’m going to do one final “broadcast” on the Monday after Resurrection Sunday. This will be about the Eastertide season and Resurrection Power. I have some new thoughts to share.

Here’s a brief recap of the Holy Week Devotional series and links to the accompanying videos.These were quite loose, as I was both learning the technology and organizing my thoughts. But there’s some interesting ideas here, imo. You’ll have to watch the videos to catch it all. Bless ya!  

Palm Sunday Reflections

This was the first Palm Sunday in I-don’t-know-how-long that I was not leading a worship service somewhere.

Key Points  from Palm Sunday Video

  1. Jesus was at his height of popularity his Triumphal Entry (celebrated on Palm Sunday). It was climatic.
  2. Jesus had ruffled enough feathers that the conspiracy was launched to kill him.
  3. If we don’t praise Him, they rocks will cry out!
  4. Recognize the times and seasons you are in.

Later I got this very nice Facebook message, before I had posted the video:

Monday Holy Week Devotional

The basic format of these Facebook live videos is they begin with few minutes of warm-up and introduction to allow folks to jump on the feed. Feel free to skip this part. Also, the first couple of videos are in portrait mode and shaky – sorry about that. By the end of the week I had figured out the tech a little better.

(Some) Key Points from Monday Devotional Video

  1. Jesus cleaned out the temple. He was confrontational and angry with the corruption of the religious establishment.
  2. From the lips of children you have ordained praise.
  3. Like a kernal of wheat, we have to die to self.

Tuesday Holy Week Devotional

(Some) Key Points from Tuesday Devotional Video

  1. The practice of “spiritual immersion” and the influence of Robert Webber. See the blog post  HOW TO MAKE HOLY WEEK MORE MEANINGFUL: Relive the Most Important Events of Human History.
  2. Confrontation with religious leadership. Fear of man is a snare that was a root error within the value system of the religious system.
  3. The widow’s mite – she was all in. She gave all she had for the Lord.

Wednesday Holy Week Devotional

Sorry this video was pretty rough. It’s still on Facebook if you’re really interested, but I did not include it here for quality purposes.

  1. Jesus prophesied extensively about the end times and how to be ready.
  2. A highlight were some passages from Don Finto’s book “Prepare:


Thursday Holy Week Devotional

(Some) Key Points from Thursday Devotional Video

  1. Why I’m doing this. It’s not for attention. It’s not to sell stuff.  It is to speak life, which I believe is a calling and mission for followers of Jesus.
  2. “I have eagerly desired” . How wonderful it is that the Lord strongly desires to have relationship with us.
  3. Jesus object lesson of washing the disciples feet. Ultimate servant leadership.
  4. “They sang a hymn” Maybe Psalm 118? I sung part of it spontaneously.
  5. Abide in the vine!

Friday Holy Week Devotional: What’s So Good About Good Friday?

(Some) Key Points from Friday Devotional Video

  1. Like a great coach, Jesus was pouring out into his team before they were to take on the mission.
  2. Your grief will turn to joy. For a greater purpose.
  3. Jesus asked for help. (Stay and pray with me).
  4. Yet not my will.
  5. Enough of this.
  6. This is your hour, when darkness reigns.
  7. Peter blew it, but he was not disqualified.

Saturday Holy Week Devotional: The Waiting is The Hardest Part

(Some) Key Points from Friday Devotional Video

  1. Holy Saturday. A day of silence.
  2. Confusion. Disorientation.
  3. Strategy: Wait on the Lord.
  4.  John 17
  5. It is Finished. Closure.
  6. So we wait.

On the Monday morning after Resurrection Sunday (April 17, 2017) I’m sharing a video devotional at 6:59am CST on Facebook Live, April 17. Join us in real time or watch the replay on Facebook.

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