Had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday service at Christ Community Church in McMinnville. Jesus is the game changer!

The backdrop in this Instagram graphic was a painting that was created live and upside down during the worship! Amazing!

The painting coincided with pastor Paul’s message on things being turned upside down.

The church was packed and we were blessed to play with a great team of musicians.

[Steve Morley/keys, Doug Roberts/Guitar, Scot Leduc/Bass, Dr. Christopher Lowry/Viola & Percussion, Ivalene Still/Vocals, Rob Still/Guitar&Vocals, Bryan Brock/Drums, Lindsey Williams/Electric Guitar]

The service was short and high powered. Afterwards, the entire church enjoyed a family meal together. What a wonderful way to celebrate our Savior’s victory over death and His great love for us!

He is risen indeed!

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