Praying With Accuracy Audiobook

“Praying With Accuracy: Ministering to the Needs of Others Through Prayer” is the product of a lifetime of study and ministry experience by evangelist Rick Bonfim. This book studies the ministry of Jesus to direct your prayers for someone’s wholeness. Learn to break through in prayer as you learn to implement the authority given to [...]

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My Favorite Three Resources For Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health

These three resources have helped me stay focused on the Lord and his purposes, lose weight, and feel happier, healthier and stronger in a very difficult season of life. See if what they have to offer is helpful to you.

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Worship Actions & Attitudes: Understanding 10 Hebrew Praise Words

I’ve got a new Kindle book coming out, “WORSHIP ACTIONS & ATTITUDES: Understanding 10 Hebrew Words for Praise”. It is a very quick and easy read. I wrote it in response to the large interest shown for Hebrew praise words from my earlier blog post. Understanding the Biblical foundations of “why we do the things we [...]

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Producing “Prepare! For The End-Time Harvest”

A few months ago, I had the honor of producing the audio book version of Don Finto’s latest book “Prepare! For The End-Time Harvest”.  “Pappa Don” has been one of the most influential spiritual leaders in my life, as he has been for countless others in Nashville and around the world. Recording “Prepare!” audio [...]

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Coaching / Mentoring / Consulting

If you need support, advice, and encouragement in worship ministry, maybe I can help. I’ve been leading, teaching and mentoring in worship ministry for over 20 years. I’ve served as a volunteer and later as full time church staff. I’ve lead the worship ministries of large, medium and small churches. I’ve served as an advisor to [...]

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The Hymns Birthed from Seasons of Controversy and Conflict

So as I write this, Ray Hughes is teaching a series called "Journey of Worship" at Grace Center in Franklin, TN. I happened to catch session #7 (there will be 12 total). It was totally, prophetically, inspiringly awesome. If you can attend live, do it. If not, watch the video series here. I've known Ray [...]

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My First 30 Days Reading “The Book of Mysteries”

Shortly before Christmas we mysteriously received a book in the mail from Amazon. Never ordered it. Had no clue how we got it.* We were rather puzzled when we saw the rather large, gold-toned, boldly designed hardcover of 384 antiqued pages, commenting “what is this?” The back cover copy was bold too. “Enter a life-changing journey… to [...]

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Book Recommendations for Worship Leaders

This article is published by Seedbed Worship Design Collective, Recently I was asked about book recommendations for worship leaders. There’s a lot out there that are either directly or indirectly helpful to the worship leaders growth and development. Here’s some I’ve read recently worth checking out: The Worship Pastor: A Call To Ministry [...]

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How A Retreat Can Invigorate Your Worship Ministry

We recently held a working retreat for our worship ministry volunteers and it was a big win for all involved. So much so that Seedbed Worship Design Collective published my debreif on how you can do one too. Read the full article “How To Invigorate Your Worship Ministry With A Retreat”  here.  […]


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Reflections From National Worship Leaders Conference 2016

NWLC 2016 Theme: “Teach Us To Pray” Recently I had a fantastic experience attending the National Worship Leaders Conference ( in northern Virginia (near Washington DC).  […]


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