Shortly before Christmas we mysteriously received a book in the mail from Amazon. Never ordered it. Had no clue how we got it.* We were rather puzzled when we saw the rather large, gold-toned, boldly designed hardcover of 384 antiqued pages, commenting “what is this?”

The back cover copy was bold too.

“Enter a life-changing journey… to uncover the MYSTERIES OF GOD, the SECRETS OF THE AGES, and the HIDDEN KEYS to open the doors of a life of joy, blessing, and the fulfillment of YOUR DESTINY.”

Uh … OK.

The endorsements on the front flap effusively proclaimed “I was absolutely stunned” – Governor Mike Huckabee,  “Possibly the most astonishing book I have ever read” – R.T.Kendall, and “Extraordinary” – Pat Robertson.

I decided I’d wait to check it out when I had more time.

Such was our introduction to “The Book of Mysteries” by Jonathan Cahn. Later over the Christmas holidays I finally opened it up and started reading it.

And now I gotta say … wow, this is really a great book!


I had not known of Jonathan Cahn before, but he is the best selling author of “The Harbinger” and a prophetic Messianic Jewish Rabbi near New York City.

The storyline behind ”The Book of Mysteries” is an ongoing conversation and series of lessons between a Teacher and his pupil. It’s a creative device to share deep yet simple truths subtly hidden beneath the nuances and meaning of many Hebrew words in scripture.

“Mysteries” is designed so it can be read as a 365 day devotional. It’s been a profound and encouraging experience for me as I’ve read one page per day since the beginning of the year.


These lessons are rich in theology, prophetic in direction and easily actionable. I’ve learned a lot from the Hebrew words and it’s been an inspiring resource in my morning devotions. So yea, I recommend it, even though I have not finished it. I’m going to keep the discovery going through out the year.

So I thought I’d share some of my journal entries from the first 30 days I’ve been in the book. These are rather cryptic thought fragments. I’m writing what that day’s reading prompted me to note and record, not necessarily a summation of the “lesson” found in the book. Hopefully one or two of these musings would connect with you too. But if not, just ignore this section 🙂

Some Sample Journal Entries

Day 1: Be open to the hand of God. Be open to what you do not know. Something bigger.

Day 4: “Ruah” – Go in the direction the wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing. Don’t fight the Spirit.

Day 8: In the Wilderness. If we lose the distractions, we can hear God.

Day 11: The Law of Reflection. Give what you want to receive. Be a blessing.

Day 13: “Kedem” = East/Everlasting. Look to the East, there the sun rises everyday. As far as the east is from the west, He has removed our sins!

Day 19: The Upward Journey = “Aliyah” – means “to ascend.” Make every decision one that takes you higher. Jerusalem is built on a mountain. Psalm 24 – Who may ascend the hill of the Lord? He who has clean hands and a pure heart.

Day 21: Every heartbeat is a miracle! Every day is a gift. Your heart works, beats, strives whether your day is productive or wasted.

Day 22: Bresheet Bara Elohim – “In the beginning God ….” Elohim is the plural noun form of “gods” = HE IS MORE! Whatever your level of understanding and relationship, God has infinitely more to reveal and share. More beauty, power, majesty, grace – He is so much more!

Day 25: The Crown of Thorns. Represents the fallen, dislocated, broken, cursed condition of humanity. Jesus bore that curse and thus became King (Ruler) over all rejection, shame and sorrow. He is King over evil (with all Authority) and Lord of Healing!

Day 26: Emunah = Faith rooted and grounded in the reality of God. When we add our agreement and alignment, our “amen”, mountains are moved! The atmosphere shifts!

Day 27: Ivrim – “Hebrews” – those who cross over. Through Jesus we too cross over from death to life, dark to light, and into the Promised Land.

Yes I Recommend This Book!

So … I’m going to keep reading this daily through the year. As the Lord leads, I may share more from the book. Turns out there is a prayer journal book to go with it too (just found that out!). Anyway, I hope this post was interesting and helpful to you. Click here  if you want to get a copy through my link.

Vaya con Dios Amigos!

The Lord Be With You!

*We later learned this was a gift from our good friends John & Carol Elliott!