Hey Friends, I’m excited to let you know that my next missions trip to Eastern Europe is happening late April through mid-May, 2019. This will be comprised of four different projects in three nations – the Czech Republic, Austria, and Ukraine. Here’s an overview of the mission.

Czech Republic

First off, I will be serving the Fusion International Choir ministry ministering with 900 teenagers in Czech Republic. This is an evangelistic outreach of Josiah Venture that has grown to produce over 30 youth “pop-rock” choirs in 11 nations throughout Eastern Europe. Teens from all these nations will gather together at ther culminating event, a festival called Fusiondary.


The theme of this year’s Festival is “INSPIRE”. My primary role will be discipleship by teaching a series of songwriting workshops, leading worship and sharing the gospel with mini-concerts.

It’s a new nation and context for our ministry, and a great opportunity to encourage and mentor these next-generation leaders.


The second leg of this trip will be leading worship for the leadership development training intensive with SIM Global Leader Development event held April 28- May 7 in nearby Austria.

This collage is from my first SIM Global Leadership event in Greece (2018).

Rob – We truly appreciate your gifted leadership in worship.  It is a great gift to our missionaries … they were truly encouraged and loved how much you varied the approach and used different styles and ideas – that was inspiring to them.  We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Dave Bremner
SIM International
Director for Leader Development

This will be my second event serving this phenomenal organization. It is a strategic connection and a great blessing to serve so many missionary leaders from different nations.


Part Three, Once again, I’ll be part of the leadership team at the 5th annual Music in Worship Conference in Kiev, Ukriane, May 9-11.

I proposed the theme for this year, “Be A Voice Not An Echo”. God has uniquely designed each of us individually, and every ethnic group collectively, to have a special role in His redemption story, and play a unique sound in his glorious symphony. You can see a promotional video where I describe my seminar on the MusicInWorship Facebook group here.

Rob Still UETS Promo Vid Card 2019
Promotional video for the conference in Ukraine.

Part Four. The next week after the conference, I will be a guest instructor for the music and theology classes the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary in Keiv as well as the Ukrainian Baptist Seminary in Lviv.

Besides all that, I’m sure I’ll be busy with other evangelism ministries such as my last time with the refugees. If you’d like a glimpse of what it’s like on these trips, you can read my “play by play” in great detail in my last missions report, “Reflections on My Missions Trip to Greece & Ukraine, Fall 2018”

Prayer Points

As I’m writing this, the trip is over 40 days away. This list will change as we get more into the trip. Right now, we need prayer specifically asking the Lord for:

  • Efficient and economical travel planning
  • Health and energy
  • Great clarity, wisdom, focus, and anointing as we prepare our teaching and speaking sessions for transformative impact
  • Good, clear communication with those we will be serving, especially the advance work
  • Financial provision for travel expenses, living expenses while on the mission field (I’ll be out for 26 days), and a guitar to donate
  • Raise up more ministry partners as “senders”
  • After returning, please pray for us for a few days.

How To Stay Updated

Did you know we have a private Facebook Group just for our ministry missions trips? This is where I post updates, praise and prayer reports.

The “real time” updates are great fun and a mutual blessing. The private videos and photo’s make it seem like you are almost there. Join our Intercessors Facebook group!


We serve “the least of these”. Their financial need is great and there are many difficulties for our Christian brothers and sisters around the world. We raise our own support and pay our own travel and expenses. Our work – and theirs – is only possible with God’s grace and your partnership. Here’s the link to make a tax deductible donation and PARTNER WITH US 

Thank you and God bless you!