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How Worship Music Comforts When We Grieve

Music can be a solace in times of grief. In this post I share some principles I’ve learned about worship and grieving. I’ve led music at several funeral services over the years for friends, family and church members. […]

Need Discernment ?

Do you need discernment about an important situation or decision? I sure do. Discernment Discernment is the ability to judge well. To perceive the heart of a matter. Practically speaking, discernment sees through superficial appearance. It evaluates or judges accurately. Discernment grasps what is obscure, not obvious, it “reads between the lines.” […]


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My Marathon Story

[tentblogger-youtube eVkjERqI1nI] In 2012 I finished a Full Marathon (26.2 miles!) as one of 32,000 participants in the Country Music Marathon. It’s an exciting event with an exhilarating atmosphere. Although my time was among the slowest, for me, the accomplishment was a personal best. This is obvious, but running a full marathon is more than [...]

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What I’ve Learned From A Year of Blogging

About a year ago I re-invented my on-line presence with a redesign and re-launch of It’s been fun, but also a lot of hard work to blog consistently. My goal is to post 3-5 times a week about spirituality, theology, music, missions, leadership and songwriting. To be honest, writing is not easy for me [...]

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Marathon Training, Worship Leading Tensions, & Going For It

I shot this video while “training” for the Country Music Marathon. Saturday’s long run was 21 miles. I use the terms “training” and “run” generously. I’m not a serious competitive runner. My goal is simply to finish and not get injured. Captured these thoughts for worship folks about tensions and paradoxes inherent in the art [...]

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Why Worship Dude is Running the Country Music Marathon

In this short video I tell the story of how I got into running in Nashville’s Country Music Marathon. This year will be my third. [tentblogger-youtube EyXJyU620v4] When I was Pastor of Worship and Arts at Belmont Church on Music Row, the marathon route would go right in front of our church. For many years [...]

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