Moving Annnouncement

Dear Friends, this post is mostly personal. Since going on staff at HFUMC in Hendersonville, we’ve been in the process of praying about, preparing for and finally making the decision to pull up roots in south Nashville and relocate north to Hendersonville.

It was typically a one hour hour commute one-way to the church (on bad traffic days, much longer), which translated into at least 2 hour project every “work” day just to get there and back. After doing that for the better part of 2 years, it just made sense to live closer to the church. Our biggest motivation was to be able to build closer relationships.

This was a tough decision because we have loved our current house and location in Brentioch. We were close to everything and we have a lot of friends nearby. The setting was exceptional, every morning I have a fantastic view of the morning sunrise which inspired the “Sunrise Worship Devotionals” series and my book Resurrection Power: 50 Days That Rocked The World: A Devotional Journey.

I had a wonderful recording studio in a full daylight basement with plenty of space for writing and producing content. I was able to finish record and mix What Words Can’t Say and Joyful! Christmas Praise and Worship, as well as producing several audio books for authors such as Jeff Goins, Allyson Vesterfelt and Tyler Ward.


I’vestay connected made a private e-mail list just to stay in touch with friends old and new. If you’re in that category, please sign up, I’d love to stay connected. Just click here. 



Neotek Series III Cutting Rack

  • Ivalene is also posting furniture and a bunch of other cool stuff to her Facebook page.
  • We’re having moving sales on Feb 14 and 21. I’ll update a link to the details on Craigslist.

So the packing and downsizing is a HUGE project, but we’ve been blessed to have friends help.The move will be in March. We’re excited about the next chapter God has for us in His story.

The Lord be with you!