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“Dash Between The Years” – A Song For All Saints Day

This Sunday at HFUMC we will commemorate "All Saints Day". In the United Methodist Church, All Saints' Day is observed on the first Sunday in November to remember deceased members of the local church congregation. A candle is lit as each person's name is called out with their photograph, followed by prayer. I wrote a [...]

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A Song for Easter: A New Anointing

“A New Anointing” as performed by Zoe Group [Video] [tentblogger-youtube bT5bkjHaJzQ] This post features a song I wrote that we’re working up for Easter. I’m excited to direct our church choir on this acapella arrangement of “A New Anointing / This Is The Day”, as recorded by the wonderful Zoe Group. This will be the first [...]

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2 Free Palm Sunday Worship Songs: Lift Up Your Heads / King of Kings

"Lift Up Your Heads": Psalm 24 Scripture Song [tentblogger-youtube XhzHlzbinyA] This is a live worship video of "Lift Up Your Heads"combined with the song "King of Kings". I've used it frequently as  a processional song for Palm Sunday. "Lift Up" is straight ahead antiphonal singing the NIV translation of Psalm 24 verses 7-10. "King of [...]

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Song: “Never Alone” A Lesson in Perseverence From Martin Luther King Jr.

[tentblogger-youtube _Jil3iJbywg] I remember the tears welling up when I first heard Martin Luther King 's message "A Knock At Midnight". It  inspired by me to write the song "Never Alone". The story King tells in "A Knock At Midnight" is so raw and emotional. He was despondent. He was desperate. He was at the [...]

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I Heard The Bells (Sandy Hook Tragedy Connecticut)

[tentblogger-youtube 7YGX9dfvyF0] On a national level, the Sandy Hook massacre is the most profound tragedy I can recall since 911. I felt some solace in the words of this song. I hope others do too. Like millions of Americans, Friday night I was glued to the TV watching the news updates on CNN. Local townsfolk were [...]

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Song: The Meaning of Christmas

[Note: This is a re-post from my archives] I wrote this song with the idea of keeping “Christ” in “Christmas”. Lyrically, I’m trying to summarize the Incarnation story. Musically, I was in a piano-playing-Billy-Joel-meets-Beatles = how-many-chords-and-modulations-can-I-put-in-this-song  frame of mind. Free download the month of December. Here’s a video. [tentblogger-youtube JyWELWJUSjU] Lyrics […]

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Book Recommendation: The Worship Songwriter by David Santistevan

Are you a songwriter? Interested in writing songs? Well, I’m delighted to recommend a new book by my friend and uber worship blogger David Santistevan,  “The Worship Songwriter: A Step by Step Guide to Crafting Your Best Worship Songs” For many years I’ve been teaching songwriting all over the world and I’m always interested in [...]

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Jesus: A Song for Holy Saturday [Video]

Note: This is a repeat presentation. Today is Holy Saturday. Many traditions use this as a day of rest, reflection, and anticipation. Cause Sunday’s coming. Jesus [Song Video] [tentblogger-youtube 7bhPgSWUpFs] This song is from the project  What Words Can’t Say. It’s about the identity of Christ. I hope it encourages you to reflect on Him [...]

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