Are you a songwriter? Interested in writing songs?

Well, I’m delighted to recommend a new book by my friend and uber worship blogger David Santistevan,  “The Worship Songwriter: A Step by Step Guide to Crafting Your Best Worship Songs”

For many years I’ve been teaching songwriting all over the world and I’m always interested in resources for that purpose.

I love David’s clear, concise writing style, his systematic approach and the book’s clean visuals. It’s a super practical and beautiful e-book.

These ideas are inspiring and the “step by step” approach will kick start your creativity.

What I found particularly helpful is the content pathway that takes a writer get from “idea-in-my-head” to “finished-song-that-communicates-well”.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: IGNORE

Chapter 2: WORSHIP

Chapter 3: CLARIFY

Chapter 4: SHIFT

Chapter 5: UNLEASH

Chapter 6: DECIDE

Chapter 7: ENLIST

Chapter 8: EDIT

Chapter 9: TEST

Chapter 10: RELEASE

Appendix 1: How to Find More Time to Write Songs

Appendix 2: Practical Tools For Effective Songwriting

For 5 bucks this book + bonuses is a no brainer.

Here’s a couple of links:

David’s blog post:

The Worship Songwriter website:

He’s got one of those limited time bonus offers going on right now,

Q: How do the “bonuses” work?

A: If you purchase “The Worship Songwriter”, you will receive a zip file which includes:

  • The Worship Songwriter Ebook (full color PDF)
  • The Worship Songwriter Audiobook* (mp3)
  • The Worship Songwriter Journal (full color PDF)

The most exciting part of this book though is the possibility of an online community for worship songwriters. Check out the Worship Songwriter website to see if/when that launches.

The Worship Songwriter website:

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