Hungary & Romania Missions Trip 2015

  Every summer since 2001 I’ve been on a short term missions trip to Eastern Europe. Wow, that’s fifteen consecutive years! Time flies when you’re having fun. And there’s nothing more rewarding than serving the Lord. I’ll once again serve two ministry projects, the SOZO Festival, returning to Baja, Hungary; and after that, the School of Worship [...]

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Romania School of Worship: Week 1 in Pictures

Words like "exciting, joyful, worshipful" would describe the first week at the 9th Edition of the Scoala de Inchinare [2014]. Other words? Intense, busy and "lots of stuff to study". There's about 50 students present from all over Romania, as well as Austria and Germany. Teaching Theology Level 1 Class Teaching Level 1 Practical [...]

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Preparing for Romania Missions Trip 2014

As I write this, will be leaving soon for my 9th year teaching at the School of Worship in Romania. A most pleasant surprise is that the young lady who has been the primary translator in Romania happens to be in Nashville for a few days. So we're going to work on translating new material [...]

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Romania Mission 2014, Teaching The Next Generation

Wow, August of 2014 will be my 9th consecutive year of teaching at the School of Worship (Scoala de Inchinare) in Timisoara, Romania. I've been on short term missions trips to Eastern Europe every summer since 2001, that's 14 years in a row. Time flies when you're having fun. And there's nothing more rewarding than [...]

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Oct 6 Worship Recap: Uganda [Africa Report #2]

This Sunday our team worshiped with the "Church Under The Tree" in a rural area of Uganda. Yes, it was awesome. This is a community of people from nearby villages, and lots of children! Worship African style included a medley of songs including "This Is The Day" and "Lord I Lift Your Name on High". [...]

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Africa Report #1

I'm writing this from Kampala Uganda where I'm part of a team from Middle Tennesse serving Divine Care Ministries in Uganda. This week we held dental clinics at two schools/orphanages run by Divine Care Ministries. Divine Care directly impacts about 1200 people between three areas of Uganda. During the evening we are holding revival services [...]

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Joining God’s Work in The Nations

In just a few days I leave as for my missions trip to Uganda, Africa. The terrorist attack at the mall in Kenya is a reminder this can be a dangerous endeavor. But the safest place anyone can be is smack dab in the middle of God's will. VIDEO: TRANSFORMATIONS II "The Glory Spreads" [youtube [...]

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