The Fruit of Repentance

Consider Luke 3 verse 8 (Amplified Translation)

“8 Therefore produce fruit that is worthy of [and consistent with your] repentance [that is, live changed lives, turn from sin and seek God and His righteousness].”

We started with this passage in Episode 9.

John the Baptist was very direct and somewhat harsh in pointing out what needed to be changed in the people. 

In verse 7 he tells the crowds, full of Pharisees and Sadducees

“You bunch of snakes, what makes you think you’re going to escape the judgment of God ?”

Verse 8 Don’t just talk of turning to God; you’d better bear the authentic fruit of a changed life. (Voice)

9 God wants you to bear fruit! (Voice) Every tree that does not produce good fruit is being cut down and thrown into the fire.” (Amp)

What does it mean to produce good fruit in keeping with repentance? Let’s see how they respond by looking at  Luke 3:10-14


10 “What should we do then?” the crowd asked.

11 John answered, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.”

12 Even tax collectors came to be baptized. “Teacher,” they asked, “what should we do?”

13 “Don’t collect any more than you are required to,” he told them.

14 Then some soldiers asked him, “And what should we do?”

He replied, “Do not extort money from anyone, or accuse people falsely, or harass or blackmail anyone, and be content and satisfied with your wages.”


The Word of God for the people of God. Thanks be to God.

So what is the character of good fruit? How do you “produce good fruit”?

John’s answer was super practical and super relevant to the major issues going on in there. So the prophet wasn’t just abstract and critical, but he offered very practical solutions to their conundrum’s.

I was listening to a James Goll webinar the other day and he talked how about the Lord is raising up “Kingdom Consultants” and “Prophetic Solutionists.”

Now if you’re going through a time right now where you need the clear word and direction of the Lord, I’m praying right now for you there will be prophetic voices that give you wise Kingdom Counsel and practical, prophetic solutions. Wouldn’t that be something? Hey man if this happens to you a put a comment on this show.

Ok – Well this passage shows an example of a solution to the problem. The prophet brings the message of God – which was a very hard and challenging, he identifies what is not aligned with the ways of God, he answers their questions for clarification, and then he provides practical next steps of action.

John was not just venting. He was confrontational, but confrontation done God’s way is always has love as it motivation and it end game.

The prophet offered practical solutions.

A. Verse 11. The crowd. Share with those in need. You got two shirts? Give one away man don’t hoard it.

B. Verse 13. Tax collectors. Do not practice corruption. Be honest. Have integrity. Don’t scheme and overcharge. Kickbacks are not a victimless crime.

C. Verse 14. Soldiers, a type of police enforcement.  Do not abuse your power. Don’t take advantage of others. Be content. Don’t take your frustrations out on others.

These were very real and present problems in their culture. Poverty. Corruption. Oppression.

We have plenty of that today.

For every one of these “sins” that is producing a bad fruit, the prophet said – do the opposite.

And this is the nature of the kingdom of heaven.

Let’s pray.

Father thank you that your kingdom is near. May your kingdom come and your will be done,  here on our place on this place of the earth as it is in heaven. Lord help us to bear good fruit, the fruit of repentance and be aligned with your kingdom purposes. We ask for wise counsel and prophetic heaven aligned solutions for the problems each of us is facing. We ask for Jesus sake and HIs glory.  In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Amen.



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