Here are some of my most requested teaching topics. I can present these as a keynote or a workshop. Also, I have 1 hour,  half-day, and in some cases, full-day seminar versions. Please fill out the “contact me” form more detail.

The Worship Ministry Intensive

The Worship Ministry Intensive is all about understanding and releasing the transformative power of worship. This seminar is for you if you’re involved in any aspect of worship ministry.

We’ll explore the major themes of worship presented in scripture, the “big picture” of “why we do what we do “ and include plenty of practical application.

There’s a lot of moving parts involved in leading people in worship. This overview covers the key elements for nurturing a wholehearted culture of worship.

Through out this course you’ll gain practical tips, advice, & best practices that will help you lead with excellence and hopefully, avoid major mistakes.

This seminar is designed to inform, inspire and train musicians, singers, leaders, and anyone who serves in worship ministry with their gifts and talents or is simply interested in the subject. You will grow in your understanding of worship, especially if you want to “fill the gaps” of your knowledge.

Rob’s worship seminar was great. He really helped our team to understand some of the theology of worship, but also to get beyond just the basics of performing and really get into worshiping in the Spirit and really hearing from God. It was a great thing for our team, we’re excited about what God’s gonna do, thanks to Rob’s teaching and his time spent with us. I recommend his ministry to anybody.

Greg, Worship Pastor, River of Life Church, Hudson Ohio

Wholehearted Worship Workshop

To be wholehearted is to live a lifestyle of worship characterized by enthusiasm, passion, and commitment.  Yet, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them.” Henry David Thoreau

The purpose of this seminar is to facilitate a transformative encounter with God by exploring what scripture can tell us about our heart within the context of a broad overview of the major concepts of biblical worship.

An overview helps us have perspective of the ultimate purposes and meaning of worship. We see how these themes relate and interact with one another. We also become of aware of gaps in our understanding and gain clearer thinking or insights. This understanding can help shape our worship expressions to be more wholehearted and powerfully in sync with “spirit and truth”.


Songwriting Workshop


This is a really fun,  entry level “catalyst” seminar to release the creative spirit and new song inside all of us. We cover the basic forms and principles of what makes a good song. Lots of show & tell. Lots of interactive activities including composing a song as a class.


Children’s Worship Workshop

With Ivalene Still

Children are not only the worshipers of the future, they are the worshipers of today. In this practical interactive workshop, attendees will learn and experience principles and strategies that encourage children ages 6-12 to be young worshippers through fun and age appropriate use of worship tools. These are multi-cultural and include: Music, singing, movement, scripture, playing Orff and rhythm instruments, and praise signing. Adults interested in teaching children to be worshipers are encouraged to “come as a child” and attend this workshop.

Ivalene Still Bio
Ivalene Still has many years experience leading young people in worship. She has a BA in Music Education, served for many years as one of the Directors of the Children’s School of Worship at Belmont Church, has led the Children’s Worship seminar for the SOZO International Music & Arts Festival, and served on the leadership team of Center Stage children’s music theater summer camp. Most recently she served as Children’s Music Director and co-director of the Youth and Adult choirs at Hendersonville First United Methodist Church.


Worship Ministry Blueprint

A Step By Step Guide For Building a Vibrant Worship Ministry Whether You’re Starting Out or Starting Over

This seminar introduces essential concepts from the Worship Ministry Blueprint for building a vibrant worship culture whether you’re’ starting out or starting over. Includes a free workbook to organize, design and lead your worship ministry.

Core topics include:
1. Biblical Foundations: Building on The Solid Rock
2. Identity: Understanding Your Churches Cultural Context
3. Clarifying Your Vision and Values
4. Developing Ministry Systems
5. Winning at Relationships
6. Setting Goals, Objectives and Projects That Move You Forward
7. Growth: Be A Voice, Not an Echo

Veteran worship pastor and missions instructor Rob Still ( recently helped launch the start-up Contemporary worship service at Hendersonville First United Methodist.



Worshiping Our Huge God in A Small Church

The majority of churches around the world are less than 500 people.

Worship ministry in smaller congregations presents unique challenges and opportunities.

Sometimes small represents limits of personnel, budget and facility; but it should never diminish the size of our response to a great and all powerful God.

Discover how and why “less is more” and smaller can be the new “relevant” in this interactive seminar.

Veteran worship pastor and missions instructor Rob Still ( leads the discussion exploring practical ideas to lead your small congregation into a greater expression of worship.

Worship and Intersession


The purpose of this seminar is to facilitate a deeper and more powerful understanding of the relationship between worship and intercession by exploring a broad overview of the major concepts of biblical worship and prayer. What does the Bible have to say about worship and prayer? What’s important to God? What are His objectives and priorities? How can a deeper understanding of God’s intentions for worship lead to greater wholeheartedness and powerful, effective prayer? More importantly, how can this change our lives, and help change the world?

I just really loved it when Rob came and spoke at YWAM. I had no idea there was that much to worship and intercession! He showed us a lot of new things that we didn’t know, and it was really practical.

It was an amazing week. Rob’s workshop has changed us, and we have had so much growth from his teaching.

Hannah, student at YWAM DTS (Youth With A Mission, Discipleship Training School)