This post is an experiment in real time worship, songwriting and living out loud. Wrote a simple song this morning during my personal worship time. Threw it down on Quicktime Movie. Boom, now it’s up on Youtube and on this blog post.

Give Thanks to The Lord

[tentblogger-youtube Cj2gD5MV6ks]

A description of the song:

  1. Scripture Song of 1st Chronicles 16:8-10. This is the song David led as they brought the Ark back home to David’s Tabernacle.
  2. A Call to Worship
  3. It’s antiphonal – the Leader sings a line, the  People sing it back
  4. It’s Davidic, that is, trying to lead the people in the heart and manner of David
  5. Musically the E minor tonality is intended to hint at a Jewish flavor
  6. At the end of the video I demonstrate some simple ways to flow into the next song

Here’s a Lyric / Chord Chart: Give Thanks To The Lord

Two questions for you:

  1. Would you write and post this fast, or wait and give it more time ?
  2. Is the song and video helpful to you?

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