Last night I played at the Jesus Is Lord Concert, It was a multi-racial benefit concert for the American Negro Playwright Theater.

The occasion reminded me of this week’s free song I wrote inspired by Martin Luther King Jr, “Never Alone”

Never Alone

I cry every time I listen to this speech “A Knock At Midnight.” It’s an incredible story. Living everyday under the threat of death and extensive criticism left him discouraged and full of doubt, then he had a profound encounter with God at his kitchen table. “I discovered then that religion had to become real for me and I had to know God for myself, I bowed down … and then the Holy Spirit revived my soul”

It tears me up every time I hear him say “He promised never to leave me, never to leave me alone, never alone, no never alone .“  That inspired the lyrics for “Never Alone”.

Martin Luther King, Jr. ” A Knock At Midnight”

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Musically, I was trying to compose a black gospel vibe with a Southern California twist  – like Jackson Browne’s “Here Come Those Tears Again” or some of Karla Bonoff’s songs.

We recorded the basic tracks back in the day at the Orchard Recording studio.

Will McKelvey  cut the guitar solo this summer (check out his awesome podcast here) . The amazing Chris Lowry arranged and played all the strings in December (he did the perc too). At the last minute I decided I couldn’t live without an organ part, so in the Christmas spirit, Larry Hall did me a big favor and added the organ.  The choir was all my Belmont Worship Leader friends, arranged by Jonathan Riggs , we had a nice night of chili and my famous bread to fuel our vocal session back in October.

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Words CD Cover

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