Worship Ministry Blueprint is all about developing a vibrant worship ministry. This process is for you whether you’re starting out or starting over in worship ministry.

The processes and principles outlined are based on my experiences successfully developing worship ministries in a wide variety of contexts, and with much further reflection and study.  I have presented this as a seminar-workshop both in the USA and internationally. Eventually, this material will be made available as a book and paid course.

Right now, Worship Ministry Blueprint is only available as a workshop or consulting/coaching engagement.

WMB can be customized for your church as either a ministry-wide consulting process or through individual or small group coaching.

Contact me for a free initial consultation and we can come up with a plan that best suits your unique needs and budget. My goal is to help you, whatever the size and budget of your church may be. So take me up on the free call, send me an email at rob@ robstill. com. 

There are a lot of moving parts involved in successfully organizing and leading a worship ministry. The purpose of the seminar is to provide a comprehensive overview of the key elements for nurturing a culture of worship.

Throughout the course, you’ll gain practical tips, advice, & best practices that will help you lead with excellence and hopefully avoid major mistakes.

The seminar and consultation cover 7 key areas:

  1. Biblical Foundations: Building on The Solid Rock
  2. Understanding Your Churches Cultural Context.
  3. Essential Ministry Systems
  4. Winning at Relationships
  5. Setting Goals, Objectives and Projects That Move You Forward
  6. Growth: Improve, Expand, Be A Voice – Not an Echo
  7. Leave a Legacy

More About the Worship Ministry Blueprint Consultation Process

The purpose of this process to develop a comprehensive, long-term master plan for the worship ministry of your church.

The planning process includes reflective thinking, research, surveys and conversations amongst leaders and members of the community.

The objective is for input from all stakeholders to “get on the same page”, understand the task at hand, and design the optimal ministry approach for your context.

The creation of your Worship Ministry Blueprint is a process of articulating the vision, mission, goals, and systems of your organization. And, importantly, clarifying next steps and recommendations to achieve your objectives.

The end result is a useful, clear, intentional map to be referred to whenever necessary, reviewed and updated as needed.

To see more specifically the content, please download and look at the Workshop Guidebook and the Seminar Slides. If you would like a free consultation, just send me an e-mail rob@ robstill. com. 

The Lord bless you!

-Rob Still

Link to the Seminar Workbook.

Worship Ministry Blueprint Workbook Cover

Link to the Seminar Slide Deck.