I’ve been following the Daily Audio Bible podcast for several years and man, I just love it!

DAB is a daily podcast, also available as an app and in many formats all over the interwebs.  It is just a cool way way to be in the scriptures every day.

I like it because I can listen to it while making my morning coffee, exercising, or doing other things. It helps me get the word of God in first thing and in a quick way.

Here’s some things I love about the DAB that may appeal to you also.

  1. The narration by Brian Hardin is conversational, easy-to-follow and not “over-the-top” dramatic. It feels fresh every day. It’s not something that’s been canned and sitting around for a long time. The Spirit of God is on this reading, it’s anointed.
  2. The chapter introductions and summaries orient the listener in the context of what each particular book is about. This helps make these ancient words feel alive and current.
  3. The background music. I’m not a big fan of music playing underneath voice narration. For the most part I find it distracting. However the DAB music is ambient and basically “stays out of the way”. It’s way better and less cheesy than some music I’ve heard heard on Bible audio recordings.
  4. The consistency. At the end of the year you will have gone through the entire Bible – every book, every word. Each daily reading is divided into Old Testament, New Testament, Psalm and Proverb.
  5. Daily Commentary. At the conclusion of each daily reading, Brian has a commentary and a prayer. These are so deep, authentic and insightful. Many of this remarks are directed to people who have been burned by religion, hurt by the church or otherwise feel alienated from Christianity. He gets it.
  6. Jill Parr. Jill is Brian’s wife and reads occasionally when he is unavailable for some reason. She’s funny because she’s very personal and casual, and doesn’t try to be slick. She’s charming to listen to, especially when struggling to pronounce a difficult biblical name.
  7. The “Announcements”. Everyday Brian reminds people what projects are going on in the DAB world and how to be connected. He constantly encourages the listeners “You don’t have to feel alone again.”
  8. Prayers of the DAB family. At the end of each podcast is a recording of people who have called in with prayer requests and in response to the prayer requests of other people. This is really cool.
    1. When I first started listening to DAB, the prayer section was a little “too much” for me, I didn’t have much time to listen to all that.
    2. But I got to a place where I really started to look forward to praying along with these prayer requests, and even called in a few times myself. What I experienced were answers to prayer that only God could do. If you listen long enough, you’ll notice there is a crew of regular callers. Now I look forward to hearing them.
  9. Read Along with Bible Gateway. You can read the text for each daily reading along with the audio recording. Sometimes I prefer to just read it, or re-read it after listening. You can also get it as a daily e-mail.
  10.  Multiple Translations. Every week the daily scriptures are read from a different translation such as the NIV, NLT, Message, Holmann, or The Message. I’ve found some new Bible translations this way. Very interesting.

Consistent, enjoyable, daily time in the word of God is so essential for our spirits and our souls. I’ve found the DAB to be a wonderful resource for being in the word of God. Check it out, maybe you’ll find it life giving too.

“You don’t have to feel alone again.” – Brian Hardin.

About the Daily Audio Bible Community (from their website)

Daily interaction with the Scriptures is the heart of all we do.  A deep and abiding friendship with Jesus informed by the rich texture of the Bible is the reason the Daily Audio Bible exists.  We believe that it is fundamental to every believer’s healthy spiritual life that we be people seeking the counsel of the Bible every single day, that we be people who walk with God intimately and conversationally and that we live in community with one another.


Do you have a Bible reading plan? What resources do you like? Why?