believe Lent 3-3-16

Have faith in God.

That is the hinge mindset. The hinge that opens and closes doors of destiny.

I’m not talking about “faith” that everything is going to be OK. 

Reality check #1. Everything is not going to be OK.

Reality check #2.  God is good. God is love. God really cares about you.

Reality check #3. When you have faith (hope for what you do not see) in God (the God of the Bible, the divine source of all love and power) then you can expect what Jesus promised in Mark 11.

Mountains will move.

That does not mean Jesus is the universal Santa Claus (Brian Hardin DAB Podcast 3-2-16).

But don’t underestimate the power of true belief.

I gave up cynicism, you should too, it doesn’t work.

Faith in God works. I’m a Believer.

Have faith in God … and  it will be done for you.

The Lord bless you today!