Simple, rockin’ and wholehearted describes today’s Contemporary Worship service at Hendersonville First United Methodist Church. Our drummer Isaac Hall and bassist Curtis Anderson were tight and laying it down, it was a joy to rock with them. The rest of team was “on”, the congregation was engaged,  and we really enjoyed worshiping God together.

Here’s the worship recap.

  • O Taste and See
    • During the music intro, we vamped on a D chord while reciting Psalm 136 call & response style with the congregation declaring “His love endures forever”
  • Our God
  • Mighty To Save
    • We repeated the second verse as a personal prayer 
    • (Take me as you find me / all my fears and failures/ fill my life again / I give my life to follow /everything I believe in / now I surrender )
  • Holy Holy Holy (hymn, modern arrangement R. Still)
    • This arrangement simplifies and strips out the passing chords.
  • Message: The Lord’s Prayer: Our Father (Don Hutchison)
  • As It Is In Heaven (Matt Maher)
    • We slowed this down quite a bit for a more reflective tone.
    • Offering
    • Benediction
  • Hold Us Together (Matt Maher)

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 Question: What was happening in your worship world this weekend? See you in the comments!