Practical Theology Of Worship Series


In part one of this series we looked at How to Develop a Worship Ministry: 6 Key Concepts.  Part two is about establishing the ministry culture on the foundation of David’s worship values.

Building on The Fundamentals

The foundational principles of worship, the essential basics, are fundamental truths that are universal and timeless.

Perfecting the fundamentals is what great coaches emphasize in the sport of football.  As sophisticated as modern football is, most games are won based on superior fundamentals – blocking, tackling, running, throwing, catching, teamwork.

Like a pro football team, worship teams have to execute the fundamentals every Sunday. No matter how sophisticated we become with the technology of loops and lights and I-pads and multiple video screens, we still must build the ministry of worship on the foundation of Gods word. Worship is all about God,  Jesus is adamant about this.

Why David’s Worship Values Are Important

For David, worship was not a religious duty or obligation. It was not a ritual, something he did to check off his list. He didn’t go to church because he felt pressured to go, or for appearances. Attending the worship service was not something he did so his parents or spouse wouldn’t nag him. It wasn’t even something he did to relieve his guilt feelings, or to give God his due. No.

David simply loved God. He had a revelation that God deeply loved him. He knew how to worship God the right way. His worship not only pleased God, it delighted God. With a heart of reverence, faithfulness and freedom he expressed himself in every natural, enthusiastic and appropriate way.

David revealed his heart, his true self in his songs, the Psalms. They give us a glimpse at the heart God loved enough to say “this is a man after my own heart.”

Worship was the core of who David was.

David is mentioned in scripture more than anyone other than Jesus Christ, Son of David.

  • God followers are instructed to imitate David’s example. (Is 55:3-4) Remember the song “When the Spirit of The Lord comes upon my heart, I will praise like David praised”
  • When we praise like David, we experience the presence of God. God inhabits the praises of his people (Psalm 22:3).

Worship was the joy of David’s heart.  It was the central organizing theme to his life. Worshiping God was enjoyable and life giving to David.

David heart was:

1.     Humble and teachable. (Chronicles 15)

2.     Passionate for intimacy, closeness to God. (Psalm 27:4)

3.     Trusting and dependent in every circumstance. (Psalm 23)

4.     Committed to obedience, purity, integrity and repentance. (Psalm 51)

David was a bold leader. The people willingly followed him.

In this generation, God is rebuilding the tabernacle of David (Acts 15:15-18), people worshiping wholeheartedly in the manner of David.

That’s enough for this post. We’ll explore more about David’s worship values in later articles.

Question: What aspect of David’s heart for worship would you want your ministry to embrace?