Introduction to An Epic Blog Series

Welcome to the landing page for my on-going series “Practical Theology of Worship” ! I’m glad you’re here!

I’ve been teaching and living this material for over six years.  The feedback I’ve consistently received from the live events affirms my passion to get this message, this point of view, this framework out there to people.

Basically, we’re exploring “what does the Bible has to say about worship?” What is essential, what is not? This has been a 20+ hour course taught all over the world.  In this series I’ll riff around the major themes and try not to use an instructional, lecture tone. There are some video elements too.

Here’s the outline, but I will fill it in non-linearly, as the topics may be discussed non-sequentially.

Series Outline

  1. Why Is Theology of Worship Important?
  2. Video Invitation: What Does The Bible Have To Say About Worship? 
  3. Everybody Worships, All the time.
    1. Everyone Worships Something
    2. Everyone Worships, Unceasingly
  4. What’s Your Story?
    1. Summary Thoughts: Everybody Worships, What’s Your Story (Video)
  5. What Is Worship? 3 Organizing Scriptures
  6. Personal Worship
    1. 6 Resources for Personal Worship
    2. How To Practice The Presence of God With Psalming
  7. Worship – Formal Definitions
  8. Corporate Worship: 7 Big Ideas of Biblical Worship
    1. Biblical Foundations: 7 Big Ideas of Biblical Worship (Video)
    2. Worship Is All About God Part 1
    3. Worship Is All About God Part 2
  9. Worship is Trinitarian: The Trinity, The Beatles and Love Love Love
  10. Worship is Christo-centric
  11. The Holy Spirit is Alive and Well and Bigger Than Our Boxes
  12. Patterns & Rhythms
    1. The Day of Atonement
    2.  Christmas, The Incarnation, You and Me
    3. Ash Wednesday, Lent and Church Calendar
  13. Actions & Attitudes
    1. Foundational Worship Ministry Values: The Heart of David
    2. Cultivate A Heart Like David’s
    3. 10 Hebrew Words For Praise and Worship
  14. We Remember & Anticipate (Ancient / Future)
  15. Resource: Names & Titles of God
  16. Resource: Attributes of God
  17. Worship Book Recommendations
  18. Illustration : Tabernacle /Temple
  19. Illustration: OT Worship Expressions
  20. FAQ
    1. The Standard Answer
  21. This will be an extensive series with several posts …
  22. And I’ll be sharing more of my story as we go.

Overview Questions:

  • What does the Bible have to say about worship?
  • What’s important to God in worship?
  • What are His objectives and priorities?
  • How can a deeper understanding of God’s intentions for worship lead to a more wholehearted response?
  • More importantly, how can this change our lives, and help change the world?

An overview helps us gain perspective of the ultimate purposes and meaning of worship. We see how these themes relate and interact with one another. We also become aware of gaps in our understanding and gain clearer thinking or insights.  This understanding can help shape our life expression of worship to be more powerfully in sync with “spirit and truth”.

Your Invitation

We’ll look deeply at Who God is, His identity; who we are, our identity and how we are to relate to God. When we do this, I believe:

  • Our spirits are awakened and enlivened
  • Our heart’s capacity will expand and grow
  • We will know and love God more deeply
  • Our lives will be a whole lot happier  :)

The first place to begin is this post Why Is Theology of Worship Important?, then read  “What Is Worship? 3 Organizing Scriptures”. 

If you have any particular questions or areas you’d like to see discussed, just let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and joining the dialogue!

[I’m working on this series as part of the Tentblogger Community Forum BlogX 90 day Bootcamp.]