Last week I started doing a 90 day blog shape-up program called BlogX through the ultra helpful Tentblogger . Everyday there are strenuous blogging assignments designed to build up “blogging muscles” under the guise of super sensei John Saddington.

The biggest benefit of BlogX so far is I’ve been forced to “ship” faster and more frequently. That’s cool.

The hard part (well there’s lots of hard parts) is that I’m neither a fast nor prolific writer. Now 6 months into upgrading my on-line presence, one realization is that blogging is really a writers gig.

Three Sources of Blog Writing Inspiration

1. Writing is  like throwing Br’er Rabbit in the briarpatch if you’re a pro writer like Jeff Goins.  But not so easy for your humble, lovable worship dude. I’ve been helped by Jeff’s  e-book The Writers Manifesto

2. Blogging is time consuming and takes a lot of work.  To write content worth reading, I’d like to do as worship blogger David Santistevan advises in this post, do “not write crap”

3. Bryan Allain says to blog “about things you are passionate about for people who share your passion.” His e-book “31 Days To Finding Your Blogging Mojo.” rocks.

My passion is to encourage wholehearted worship worldwide. That’s why I’m going to keep working at this blog thing.  See you on the web.

Question: What are you passionate about?

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