Spanish, English, Romanian, Serbian, Hungarian, Dutch

It’s a remodel, redesign, reinvention and relaunch – all in one!

Introducing the new design and focus of I’ve been investing a lot of energy learning how to  upgrade our web presence so we can Encourage Wholehearted Worship Worldwide. This is a DIY site and will be the digital home for communications about music, teaching, events and stuff like that.

Blogging will be a major strategic initiative.

The purpose of this blog is to help people everywhere, in any cultural context, have a better understanding of worship so they can respond wholeheartedly and authentically. I’ll be writing about spirituality, theology, music, leadership and songwriting.

This will also be a forum for refining the  book I’m writing on Practical Theology of Worship, based on the course I’ve been teaching internationally. The languages in the “Welcome” picture above represent some of the nations where I’ve taught – Argentina, England, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Germany.   BTW the photo is from my backyard deck (hey, I’m into sky pics!)

I’ll be posting regularly. Upcoming articles will be:

  • My Story: Why I Am So Passionate About Worship
  • Spirituality Series: The Call To Wholeheartedness
  • Theology Series: What Makes Worship Good or Bad, Right or Wrong?  You might be surprised …
  • Song Story Series: Say Goodbye To Yesterday
  • Leadership Series: Keeping It Real – 7 Qualities of Leaders Worth Following
  • How To Series: Video: Guitar Tutorial  for “Honor & Majesty”
  • Songwriting: 4 Principles I learned from IHOP’s Harp & Bowl Training
  • Book Review Series: Silent Songs of Worship by Dr. Terri L. Terry
  • And over 100 other article ideas ….

By the way, this Web Site is Still Under Construction and will be a work in progress for a while. Already found a few techie bugs to fix with the feeds and social media links. So expect improvement along the way.   This is my first “new” post in  and I’m looking forward to Encouraging Wholehearted Worship Worldwide!

So what do you think? What article titles or subjects you would suggest? I’d love to see your comments here. Thanks!