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A Time for Repentance

The God of time and space is into calendar. He invites us to experience living in His story through the patterns, rhythms and seasons of life.  That’s why the Christian calendar can help us grow in our relationship with Him.

Observing the calendar gives us opportunities to consider more deeply the truth of His story.

The Christian calendar is rooted in the Jewish calendar of the Torah or Old Testament of the Bible.

Today is the Jewish high holy day of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It’s a day of fasting and prayer, and is the annual opportunity  to repent of sins, seek forgiveness in relationships and start anew.

I’m not doing an in depth discussion of that here , but I think it is important for Christians, and worship leaders in particular, to have some understanding of the Old Testament holy days and their relevance to us today.  You can google more info on that or read more on Rosh Hashana here on Lara Riggs blog.

In that spirit of  repentance, then here is one of my songs from The Forerunner, “We’ve Got To Repent”.

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We Gotta Repent

We can’t hold anything back
When we’re following the Lord
We can’t hold anything back
In the service of our King
We can’t hold anything back
No secret sin
We can’t hold anything back
No compromise – when we really love our God

On my knees before His royal throne
On my face before His judgement fire
Oh cleanse me, cleanse me,
cleanse me Oh lamb of God
and purify my heart

We gotta repent (repent)
We gotta repent (repent)
We gotta repent (repent)
Before a Holy God

We gotta repent (repent)
We gotta repent (repent)
We gotta repent (repent)
Before a Holy God, Before a Holy God
Before a Holy God, Before a Holy God

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