Like the rest of the world, I’m sad at the news of Steve Jobs passing. Was he a follower of Jesus Christ? I don’t know. But his too-short 56 years made a profound difference in the world. He propelled a huge vision and made the world a better place.

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Making the world a better place is a worthy vision to embrace. Recently I posted a song about the brevity of life, “Dash Between The Years” It seems appropriate to revisit here.


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Events like this give us reason to pause and think, to reflect upon not only the brevity and frailty of life, but to consider the impact that we make.

I’m reflecting on decisions
and choices I’ve made
Will I live with no regrets?
Did my life make a difference?
or was I captured by fears
in my dash between the years? 

The Steve Jobs of the world are few and far between. But every follower of Jesus can make a difference for the glory of God.

  For we’ve only one life
soon it will pass
only what’s done
for Jesus will last.

(c) Rob Still, Dash Between the Years

There’s a tension between two truths we are wise to remember:

  1. Your spirit will live on forever, either with God or apart from God (See this post)
  2. Your time on this earth could be over suddenly, before you know it.

“Remembering that I will be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big decisions in life.”        Steve Jobs

I’m praying  you will make a difference for the glory of God with your life. The purpose of my life, and this blog,  is to encourage wholehearted worship worldwide.

Question: What is the vision for your life ? Love to see your thoughts in the comments.

Update: Since originally posting this blog, I found these blog posts great reading:

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