Practical Theology Of Worship Series

“We are,
every one of us,
unceasing worshipers
and will remain so forever,
for eternity is an infinite extrapolation
of one of two conditions:
a surrender to the sinfulness of sin
unto infinite loss
or the commitment of personal righteousness
unto infinite gain.
This is the central fact of our existence,
and it drives every other fact.
Within it lies the story of
creation or final loss.”

Harold Best, Unceasing Worship

Everyone worships, unceasingly. This is Worship with a capital “W” , the wholelife perspective.

This issue is – what is the direction of your Worship? Is it to God, or not?

When we change the direction of our worship from “moving away from God” to “moving towards God”, that’s repentance.

Question: So, what do you say to that?

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