Practical Theology Of Worship Series

In this series we’ve discussed some ideas for personal worship such as “psalming”.

In this post I’d like to recommend some websites as resources for enriching your personal worship experience. My interests and recommendations are quite diverse, I hope you find these helpful. I use one or more of these in my personal devotions just about every day.

1. The Daily Audio Bible First thing in the morning I listen to the DAB while making coffee.  There’s a new audio post everyday with commentary by Brian Hardin and call-in prayer at the end. The scripture readings are 15 -25 minutes long. There’s a new Bible version every week. Quite awesome.

2. A Walk Through The Word  is a read-along companion site for the DAB. It also has on-line journal capabilities, but I don’t use that.

3. Bible Gateway  has multiple translations and languages, , searchable  versions of the Bible.

4. International House of Prayer Live Prayer Room live webstream. They’ve been worshiping and interceeding 24/7 for over 11 years. You can join any time. They have created some of the freshest worship music on the planet.

5. Mike Has very solid Biblical teaching on prayer, worship, and intercession.

6. The Daily Office, Mission of Saint Claire. This has morning and evening prayer liturgies from the Book of Common Prayer.

Cultivating a heart for personal worship is not just for “worship people”, it’s for every follower, every disciple of Jesus. Worship transforms the worshiper, maybe even more so in private than it does in public.

Worship leaders, we can not lead others where we have not gone ourselves. The life and values of David are a great model of passion for God pursued in the secret, quite place, out of the spotlight.

Question: What are some resources you would recommend to inspire or enhance personal worship?