Studying what the Bible has to say about worship changed the course of my life in a profound way.

The next part of that journey is this new blog series: “Practical Theology of Worship”.  Although I’ve been teaching about worship internationally for a while. I believe God is doing a new thing, do you? Let’s talk about it. I hope you’ll join me in the discovery process and add your voice to the conversation. Here’s a quick video explanation.

Invitation to Practical Theology of Worship Series:

[tentblogger-youtube w4v6kFvhvzc]

Practical Theology of Worship will be an exploration of “What does the bible have to say about worship”? We’ll look deeply at Who God is, His identity; Who we are, our identity and how we are to relate to God? When we do this, I believe:

  • Our spirits are awakened and enlivened
  • Our heart’s capacity will expand and grow
  • We will know and love God more deeply
  • Our lives will be a whole lot happier  🙂

The first place to begin is this post, “What Is Worship? 3 Organizing Scriptures”.  Coming soon articles include posts on:

  1. “What Is Worship? 3 Organizing Scriptures”
  2. Practical Theology of Worship Landing Page with Table of Contents of 20 articles
  3. “Personal Worship”
  4. And I’ll be sharing more of my story as we go.

So, what questions do you have about worship theology?

Coming oh so very soon! My new e-book “Wholehearted Worship”.  

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below.