Jesus sent me Sunrise 6-13-15

In this passage from Acts Chapter 9, we learn the story of Saul/Paul’s dramatic encounter with Christ and his instantaneous conversion from opponent to proponent of the Jesus movement.

The event left Saul waylaid with blindness.

Then the Lord called a most reluctant believer named Ananias in a vision, and sent him to be the agent of healing to Saul.

We all have areas of blindness, and God may very well will use the most unlikely people to open our eyes and set us free.

On the other side of the equation, like Ananias, someday you too could be that reluctant hero who delivers the breakthrough someone so desperately needs.

Saul was so humbled and disoriented by what had happened that all self sufficiency and pride was laid down.

Ananias was so compelled by the spirt of conviction that he laid down his fear and embarked on a very difficult assignment.

My friends in the Lord, we need one another. We are designed to be interdependent. Sometimes you’ll be on the giving end, other times you’ll times you’ll be on the receiving end.

Just be willing to say “yes” to God.

The Lord be with you today!

About Sunrise Worship Devotionals 

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