Agape Church Worship team with moi

This is the first of five Sunday’s I’ll be in eastern Europe. Today I played with the worship team at Agape Church (this links to their webcast)

Then I shared a message on Wholehearted Worship: Putting the First Commandment in First Place along with two songs, The Shema and What Words Can’t Say.   I got a lot of positive response on the teaching. You can see the message video and notes in a forthcoming blog post.
It was an AWESOME day. An edifying experience, the people were very engaged, it was – glorious.

All the songs from this set were sung in Romanian.

  •  Inimea mea tanjeste dupa curtile Tale
  • Rock of Ages (Baloche)
  • Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)
  • How Great Is Our God (Tomlin)

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Here’s a video clip of today’s worship.

[Video excerpt here]

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