Kent Henry, Rob Still 2012

I ran into prophetic worship pioneer Kent Henry at the the Praying Church Conference hosted by the International House of Prayer/ Atlanta. He is one high energy, anointed dude!

Back in the day, Kent taught some conferences at Belmont Church that changed my life. I listened to his teaching tapes all the time. Kent’s mantra has been “mix your praise with prayer, and your worship with intercession.”

It was an honor to meet him in person. He graciously agreed to talk on camera with me. In this interview he shares advice for raising up the next generation of worshipers.

Kent Henry Interview Video

Some ideas from this video:

  1. Give youth a place to serve
  2. When you put young people in charge, all their friends come and watch. Church growth!
  3. Qualify their heart, Make sure there’s purity there, they’re spiritually motivated and loving Jesus. Then give them a place.
  4. Movements come from the younger generation (under 35)
  5. Older leaders need to release the music and ministry of the next gen, empower the younger.
  6. Merge the generations.
  7. Do it now!

Prayer and worship is God’s idea, it’s been His intention all along.