Advent sunrise Promise

Holy matrimony represents the ultimate pledge of love and loyalty that two humans can make to one another. Love is proved by the depth and strength of the commitment to cherish “til death do us part”.

During Advent, we remember God’s faithfulness fulfilled through Christ to love His children forever.

He kept His promise.

And we anticipate the glorious wedding day when the Bride of Christ will be joined to the Son of God. The promises that are yet to come, will happen.

“His love endures forever.”


Christmas Album JOYFUL! 

Good news /bad news.

Good news is that I’ve been blessed with wonderful friends who’ve contributed to my new Christmas project, “JOYFUL” Christmas Praise and Worship” And we’ve got 8 songs available now for immediate download.

Bad news is the project has 11 songs. Almost done with the final 3, but not quite, so the full release will be delayed by a week, until December 9th. Check it out here. 


During the 25 day Advent Season, my sunrise devotionals will have an Advent theme.

 A daily “worship ritual” I practice is to listen to The Daily Audio Bible podcast, take a photo of the morning sky, find a meaningful scripture or quote (usually from the DAB), and share it on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. Please comment and share! 

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