We had a breakthrough this weekend for the Contemporary Worship service at Hendersonville First United Methodist Church as we held our first service in the main sanctuary.  We had been setting up in the gym (stage, PA, hospitality, ect) but there’s another event being held in there this week and next, so to the big church we went.

We had an amazing guest speaker, Dr. Robert G. (Bob) Tuttle on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He is a retired pastor and professor of theology  with teaching stints at Fuller, Oral Roberts, Wheaton and Asbury Theological Seminaries. I highly recommend his book “Shortening The Leap: From Honest Doubt To Enduring Faith”.

When we first meet he says “You’re A Levite!” 

I look at him astonished and say “I know!”

“How can change a nation in one generation? It’s through worship. Look at the story of Hezekiah in 2 Chronicles. How do you change a church? Teach the people to worship. Most important position in the church – teach them to sing”

Wow. This was one cool encouraging dude.

“Worship is an awareness of God’s presence in our midst”

There are 4 services on Sundays at HFUMC. We had a tight turnaround time to reset the very traditional music area (organ, piano, choir) for the contemporary team (drums. bass, guitars, vocal on mics, etc. ) It went quickly and smoothly. So we began 10 minutes before the our official start time with “Everlasting God” as the prelude music.

Dr Tuttle gets up from the front pew and starts dancing! Then he sits up front in the “holy man” seats and starts raising his hands and singing along. People out in the congregation, many still just arriving, start clapping and singing along. This builds and builds. Before you know it, the whole place is on their feet, clapping and raising their hands and singing for all it’s worth.

“You are the everlasting God.

The everlasting God.

You do not faint, you won’t grow weary.

You’re the defender of the weak.

You comfort those in need.

You lift us up on wings like eagles.

It was glorious.

And we hadn’t even started yet.

That day was one of those mountain top highs that by the grace of God we get to experience.

Here’s the worship recap.

  • Everlasting God (Prelude)
    • Welcome
  • Sing To The King
  • Holy Is The Lord (Tomlin)
  • How Great Thou Art (a very country arrangement by R. Still)
  • Mighty to Save
    • Message: “Someone Out There Needs Me” – Dr. Robert Tuttle
    • Prayer and response
  • How He Loves
    • Offering
  • Hold Us Together

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