Sozo Festival: Celebration of Nations

My 10th Consecutive Year of Missions Trips to Eastern Europe!

Summer missions changed my life. (Read that story here.)

Now, it is such an honor to teach about worship around the world. I’ve created a separate web page for for fund-raising and awareness. I’ll be blogging more about the incredible people and places we serve in upcoming posts.

We are raising our prayer team, as well the remaining funds.  You can click this link to make a donation. Thank you!

The Summer 2011 Plan:

  1. I’ll leave the US August 1st
  2. We’ve got enough invitations to keep us busy the entire month of August! So here’s the plan. I’ll teach at the Scoala de Ichinara (School of Worship) in Timisoara the first two weeks of August.
  3. We’ll fit in a conference in somewhere in Romania the first weekend in between school sessions, possibly Cluj.
  4. The third week of August we’ll do a seminar, conference, night of worship in Baja, Hungary, former home of the Sozo Festival.
  5. Then we’ll head over to Serbia (Novi Sad) for a worship, mentoring workshop.
  6. Finally I’ll fly out to England and help with the new Sozo Festival at Red Hill.
  7. Ivalene will fly over with the US team around August 22 and join us there.
  8. We’ll both fly home together around August 31.
  9. After that I need a long nap and someone to donate tickets to the US Open. That would be a dream come true. (I love tennis!)

Here’s the rough schedule:

August 1-13

Romania: Timisoara

School of Worship

Hosted at Timisoara Christian Center and Agape Church

August:   exact date/times TBA

Hungary: Baja

Encouraging Wholehearted Worship Conference

Hosted at Faith Church

August : exact date/times TBA

Serbia: Novi Sad

Encouraging Wholehearted Worship Conference

Hosted at Dario’s Church

August 22- Aug 31

England: Stratford-Upon Avon

Sozo Festival: Celebration of Nations

Hosted at RedHill Christian Centre