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This is the video introduction to the series: “Practical Advice For Young Worship Leaders”. It’s a compilation of ideas already posted and upcoming articles.

These are practical tips and insights I’ve learned along the way in my worship leading journey,

This is for:

  1. Beginners, those starting and don’t have a lot of experience.
  2. Teachers, coaches and mentors.
  3. Worship leaders interested in a different perspective.

I hope you’ll get involved in the comments as we share best practices.

If there’s any question or topic you’d like to tackle, please share it in the comments below. Thanks!

Posts in this Series:

  1. How Do You Know If  You’re Called To Lead Worship?
  2. The Best Worship Leading Advice I Ever Received
  3. 12 Super Practical Tips for Worship Leaders Starting Out
  4. Planning Powerful Worship Sets
  5. The Worship Leader As Shepherd
  6. How To Lead Multi-national Worship: 7 Tips From SOZO Festival
  7. Worship Leaders: Be A  Problem Solver
  8. Worship Leaders: What’s Your Backup Plan?
  9.  How to Develop a Worship Ministry: 6 Key Concepts
  10. How to Plan and Lead Heavenly Worship Team Rehearsals
  11. Guidelines to Evaluate Worship: Series Landing Page
  12. 7 Strategic Guidelines for Choosing New Worship Songs
  13. 3 Keys For Excellence in Worship Ministry: Heart, Head, Hands
  14. The Standard Answer
  15. Foundational Worship Ministry Values: The Heart of David
  16. More to Come!

Question: What would you like to see discussed?