I’m in the process of recording the audio book version of Resurrection Power. For each of the 50 days we’re releasing that day’s devotional on Youtube. You can follow along and listen for daily updates. How cool is that?

Here is the devotional reading for today, Day 8 “Building A Relational History” [Video]

[youtube id=”wjYLB1n0CLE”]


Resurrection PowerAUDIO BOOK COVER

Audio Book in production now. Listen for daily updates!

You can access all the devotional readings on Youtube here. [Video]

[youtube id=”watch?v=wjYLB1n0CLE&list=PLCL-xA1WTPaAWT5XGhjnb2wV5_a7kOig5&feature=share&index=7″]

I pray this series a catalyst for your times of personal worship & devotion during this season from Easter to Pentecost! 

Available now in Kindle ebook and paperback versions on Amazon.com

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