Your love O Lord reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. Psalm 36:5 [Sunrise photo April 26 2013]

Your love O Lord reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. Psalm 36:5 [Sunrise photo April 26 2013]

Day 26 The Power of Witness

You’re the first to hear and see it. You’re the witnesses. Luke 24:48

A witness. according to Webster’s dictionary is “one that gives evidence; specifically : one who testifies in a cause or before a judicial tribunal; one who has personal knowledge of something”.

I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve watched more than a few lawyer shows. All the drama is in what the witness has to say.

An eyewitness is the most valuable, credible source, because the person was there and is simply reporting what they saw and experienced under oath.

Jesus is saying, “here’s how you do it” – just tell others your story, what you saw, heard and experienced.

The original eyewitnesses had an unbelievable story, but nothing could deter them from just telling the truth. Telling the story of what they experienced  is what changed the world.

Deep and Wide

Andy Stanley describes how the power of witness birthed the church in his book Deep & Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend:

In the beginning, the church was a gloriously messy movement with a laser-focused message and a global mission.

It was led by men and women who were fueled not by what they believed, but by what they had seen.

That simple fact sets the church apart from every other religious movement in the history of the world.

After all, it wasn’t the teaching of Jesus that sent his followers to the streets. It was his resurrection.

The men and women who made up the nucleus of the church weren’t simply believers in an abstract philosophy or even faithful followers of a great leader; they were eyewitnesses of an event.

Andy Stanley, Deep & Wide (Kindle location 505)


Evangelism is simply telling the story of God at work in your life.

If you don’t have much of a story, you might want to work on that.

Start by taking a risk. Do something for God outside of your comfort zone. Do it for Jesus sake.

And tell the story!

Let’s Pray:

I invite you to pray with me today.

“Lord thank you for your grace, your kindness, Your Presence! Your mercies are new every morning. Help me today, bear witness of Your goodness to everyone I encounter. Take me out of my comfort zone and into the make-a-difference zone. Give me grace to share Your great love humbly, honestly, compassionately, and winsomely – for Your glory. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.”

I Love To Tell The Story

I love to tell the story of unseen things above,
of Jesus and his glory, of Jesus and his love.
I love to tell the story, because I know ’tis true;
it satisfies my longings as nothing else can do.
I love to tell the story, ’twill be my theme in glory,
to tell the old, old story of Jesus and his love.

Text: Katherine Hankey, 1834-1911

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