To the humble He gives favor

Hear the word of the Lord in Proverbs 3:34-35

God treats the arrogant as they treat others,
    mocking the mockers, scorning the scornful,
    but He pours out His grace on the humble.
In the end, the wise will receive honor,
    but fools will face humiliation.

The mentality of “the humble” is completely opposite to most of what we see in the world, the marketplace and the arts.

Humility should be the character trait that sets apart all worshipers.

Sunrise Worship Devotionals 

A daily “worship ritual” I practice is to listen to The Daily Audio Bible podcast, take a photo of the morning sky, find a meaningful scripture or quote (usually from the DAB), and share it on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. Please comment and share! #Sunrise #Worship #Devotionals 

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