Another rainy day and Monday. "Bless The Lord oh my soul!" Ps103 [Cloudy Sunrise May 6 2013]

Another rainy day and Monday. “Bless The Lord oh my soul!” Ps103 [Cloudy Sunrise May 6 2013]

Day 36  Tribe of The Like-Minded

They agreed they were in this for good, completely together in prayer …. there were about 120 of them in the room at the time Acts 1:14-17 (MSG)

I had the honor recently of attending a gathering of worship dudes and dudettes from around the country. I’ve been to many worship-leader events, but I was awakened to the unique reason why this gathering felt like such a good fit.

It was a tribe of the like minded. A place where I felt like I belonged.

At the heart of any purposeful assembly of people are the elements of chemistry and cohesion.

When there is like-mindedness, everything just works.

Jesus followers in Acts 14-17 were catalyzed by their experience together with Christ. They had lived an unbelievable story. They had history together.

Yet they weren’t gathered as a  tribe just to remember the glory days.

Jesus had given a follow through assignment, and it propelled them forward. They had to take action for a preferred future – to share the gospel with all nations.

Love for one another fueled their coalition of the willing.

Love was the only grid that made sense. And none of this made much sense. They could encourage one another in this reality. “No, brother, you’re not crazy. We saw and heard the same things, and we will serve the Lord together.” And so they did.

Ministry – proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, was a group effort. We can’t do it alone.

It takes a tribe of the like-minded.

Let’s Pray:

I invite you to pray with me.

Lord thank you that I’m not alone. Thank you for like-minded brothers and sisters. Empower your people in every tribe to encourage one another to live the gospel. For Jesus sake. Amen. 

The Lord be with you today!

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