This post may be of particular interest to writers, bloggers, artists, and small businesses owners. It’s about tribes and the upcoming Killer Tribes conference. At the end of this post is info on getting a reduced rate.

Tribal Leadership

The metaphor of “tribes” has re-emerged in recent years as a model of communal affiliation. The ideas expounded in “Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us” by Seth Godin and “Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization” by Dave Logan have profoundly influenced my philosophy of contemporary leadership.

Tribes in the Bible

Reading through Genesis (35:23-26) we see the origin and the characteristics of the 12 tribes of Israel. Of particular interest to worship folks are two tribes. One is Judah, whose name means “praise” and from whom Jesus is descended. The other is Levi,  whose name means “joined together” and was assigned to serve in worship leadership.

The background of these tribes was pretty tough, even violent. The story of Dinah (Genesis 34) ends with Levi and his brothers wiping out all the male Hivites because their leader’s son (Shechem) raped their sister (Dinah). Centuries later in Exodus, Moses ordered the Levites to kill all the people who had sinned by making the golden calf. They killed 3000 men that day (Exodus 32:28).

That’s pretty intense.

Tribe members have a special bond of loyalty.

Today tribes arise among the like-minded and like-hearted. Loosely affiliated “tribes” rally around special interests, causes, lifestyle preferences – any number of things.

How do you find, expand or lead a “tribe’ that fits you? That’s the purpose of  …

The Killer Tribes Conference – 2012

March 31, 2012

“Expand Your Reach. Find Your Fans. Build Your Tribe.

The Killer Tribes Conference is a 1-day experience designed specifically for writers, bloggers, artists, and small businesses owners to learn what it takes to build a killer tribe. From inspirational stories to practical how-to’s to successful case studies, you’ll walk away equipped and encouraged to expand your reach, find your fans, & build your tribe.” From the The Killer Tribes Conference website

Check out the website, it’s a killer line-up of speakers and seminars.

My Connection & Recommendation

“Killer Tribes” is a positive, encouraging blogging community. I’ve made some great connections and friendships there, including the founder, Bryan Allain.

Bryan Allain is a humorist and author with a heart for coaching and building tribal leadership. His book 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo is filled with practical, real world ideas for improving your blog. I was also a guinea pig in his Blogging Mojo on-line class and I gotta say, Bryan is an insightful coach.

There’s a $10 discount if you register by January 31. I highly recommend this conference. If you’re an artist, blogger or business person, I hope to see you there. I’m writing this because I believe in Killer Tribes and receive no affiliate commission from this article.

If this is your cup of tea and you’re anywhere near the Nashville area, I’d check it out. Don’t forget the $10 discount if you register by January 31

Question: If you were the leader of a tribe, what would it be called?

Mine? Wholehearted Worshipers! 

Yours? See you in the comments!