The purpose of this blog is to encourage wholehearted worship world wide.

I recently attended Podcamp 11 “Express Yourself”. Though this was most definitely a secular event, many sessions were about authenticity and transparency, reflecting the craving and spiritual hunger people have for honest, real communication and connection. That’s what being wholehearted is all about – living in spirit and truth.

This was my first time experiencing anything like the “ultimate symposium for on-line media”. The host venue, Cadillac Ranch was full of techie geeks, wiz kid creatives, and a few wanna-be’s  like me.  As a “newbie” in the serious blog-o-sphere, I occasionally felt like  an alien from another planet, or RipVan Winkle just awakening from a very long nap. The amount of information was sometimes overwhelming,  but also fun, enlightening, and inspiring.

Here’s 3 blogging tips I picked up.

1. WordPress Rocks.

Mitch Canter is the man in WordPress world and his session on “The Ultimate WordPress Experience” (video link) was tight. WordPress is awesome for website content management as well as blogging.  

Blogging Tip: Slideshare (on-line app) is a great way to post and share slides.  Here’s the slides from Mitch Canter’s presentation – killer content. I’m going to tweak my site with his ideas, too. He also just began a series 50 Days to A Better WordPress Blog. I’m on that. 

2. It’s OK to Be You.

Josh Byrd’s presentation  “Get Real: Creating Authenticity Online” debunked the “fake it till you make it” idea.

Blogging Tip: Be who you really are, use discretion, don’t try to present a persona that is not who you truly are.

3. Creatives Are Different. 

Jeff Goins is another young whipper snapper who shared wisdom and insight on “How To Lead and Motivate Creative People (Including Yourself)” (link to his slide show).

Three qualities of creatives – they are non-linear, imaginative and introspective. They struggle with productivity, authority and insecurity. They can see what others can not see. They can be very sensitive. They need a system and translators.

His seminar really connected with me cause I’ve led very creative people most of my career.  My communication roles have been primarily the translator, but I have a lot of the introspective creative personality type in me too.

Blogging Tip: Jeff’s a very good writer and his site is worth a visit. On there I discovered this BlogRocket community/training I’m thinking about joining.

Question – is this post interesting to you? I’ve been thinking about occasionally “blogging about blogging” and sharing some “how-to” stuff I’ve learned. I’d appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!