Only sightly jet-lagged from my missions trip, it was a joy to lead worship once again in the States with my friends at HFUMC. It was a really good day with high attendance, perhaps because the school year has started and vacation season is winding down.

In the evening our team celebrated with a wonderful pool party & cookout to welcome moi back and send off our beloved Bethany Hader to graduate school in Denver.

One song from Sunday to highlight would be “Because We Believe” ( links below), a paraphrase of the apostles creed. With an easy to follow melody, call & response verses, and a dynamic chorus – this was a great compliment to our current teaching series “iBelieve”, examining the truths from the apostles creed.

Here’s the rest of Sunday’s setlist:

  • Everlasting God (I needed to sing “strength will rise  …” !)
  • Your Love Never Fails
  • Our God
    • Message “iBelieve” : Jesus
  • Because We Believe ( link below)

    • Offering
  • In Christ Alone
    • Benediction
  • Hold Us Together

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Amazon links: My arrangement blended some ideas from both of these, though it rocks harder.  Zoe Group’s version is acapella and has a great energy.